Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clay and Fire............

Hi everyone

its been a while since I last entered a post,Ive been busy, busy, busy,creating all manner of things,so here I am to share my explorations.

I have been doing a lot of ceramic work lately,I love clay and the whole process of sculpting,firing and glazing,it always a surprise and I do love a surprise.

I have been using glass in my clay work and loving the results,I will be firing up again this Monday or Tuesday and am very excited as always to see the end result,will be posting the results here of course.

I made a little dish to keep beads in and put some blue beads in it before firing and was so surprised to see them come out a sort of peachy colour,they looked fab,they are now going in for the second fir and I'm hoping they will do alright,maybe I should add more glass before I set the kiln off.
I haven't had much training in clay work,I just wing it as I do with pretty much everything,so I will learn by trial and error along the way.

I have been doing some journal work as well, along with some portrait work and photography.

I have also done a bit of felting lately which made me wonder while I was grooming my Himmy cat what would happen if I wet felted her fur so I let her off early and took off to the bathroom sink and proceeded top felt her fur from grooming and came up with a wonderful little ball with curls,so I have decided to keep her fur from every grooming and see what i can do with it!

Life is never dull and there just inst enough time in every day top fit all that I want to do in.

Books I'm into right now.....rereading Photoshop for Idiots,I love, love, love this book.

Tools of the week...kiln,sculpting tools,camera,paints,pencils and pens.

Inspiration.....Julie Whitmore Pottery,I love her work because I love watercolours,I also love the hand built aspect of her work,its very original..

During my life I was anxious to be what someone else wanted me to be.Now I have given up that struggle.I am what I am.

Below is a video by Gary Reef,its a tut on tile making,lots of fun and great results,give it a go!

See you all again soon xox

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A nice fun blog to visit.

Check out my Desert Cottage for a bit of fun and lots of creative links,its great!

Also check out my doll blog Clothnpaint to see my Alice in wonderland dolls,they are not what I was originally going to do but they are kinda cute,and pop over to Artdollsonly blog to see the work of many other doll artists,the link is at my doll blog.

I have added a video of Carla Van Dan Berg,check her out,she is great,this is very similar to the way I work on my larger art works,she has many other videos on youtube(love that site!) so have a look if you have time,its well worth your while.

Well bloggers take care and Ill catch you soon xxxxx

Monday, July 5, 2010

Here are two video's of some of my favey Aussie artists,their main love is street art but they also exhibit,check them out they are pretty cool!

A great artist you gota see this guy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ceramic Pendants...

Its been so long since I last posted here,wow how time fly's..

I am unable to work at the moment because of my injury so I am working from home a bit when I can to make some extra cash, I have been making ceramic pendants and using different glazes and enamels,with some pleasing results,there is about 50 drying in the studio at the moment and Ill make more tomorrow as well as some dishes and ornies and hopefully I can have a big firing in about 10 days,I just need some more glazes,I'm so fortunate that I have the kilns and a studio.

I was going to make some hand made paper products and some felt items but my back injury is stopping me from doing so many things,arrrrrggghhhh its so frustrating!

I have also been making greeting cards,tote bags and dolls,this is because I can sit while I work,I never realized how much we use our backs,oh well at least I can walk even if its for a limited time each day,so Im very very grateful for that,it could be so much worse.

Think Ill keep this short and have a meal and a rest,see you all soon xox..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Above is a journal entry from my nature journal,this little bunny decided to stay with me while I was painting and photographing images at the botanical gardens,he gave me the pleasure of his company fore more than an hour,I felt very privileged.

Below is a print that will be available in my Etsy store on the weekend.

Up and about again!!!!!

Well at last I'm kind of mobile since fracturing my spine,its been a challenge and I'm still not out of the woods but at least Im able to walk around for an hour or two at a time with out so much pain.

I have been working to get my Etsy store on the road as I am unable to work my normal job so Im looking at this as a challenge to start working full time in art and design.

Hopefully I will be well enough to teach a class or two a term as well as work front he here go the new adventure.

Ive been focusing on my illustration work and craft work and its been so much fun though I am only able to do it for short spurts at a time,still its happening just the same and that's a positive.

Im also hoping to do some video tutorials to share with others in the near future,so keep and eye out for it here.

I love my life!

Books Ive been mags mainly and the Decorated Page..

Tools I love this week....printer and water soluble oil pastels..

Materials...thick beautiful watercolour papers,parchment paper and sharpies..

Inspiration... its a lovely bright happy whimsical blog so check it out for a smile and some colour!

The one happiness is to shut ones door upon a little room,with a table before one,and to create;to create life in that isolation from life..Eleonora Duse.

The wonderful Judy Wise talking about the all important journal,we all need to do it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love to create!!!!

Well its been a creative week,Ive been working on quite a few paintings,they take days to finish but they are well worth it and very relaxing to do,I find that Im using the usual bursts of colour and don't I just love colour!

Ive also been staining and aging lots of fabrics for some textile work and doll work.I really enjoy watching a bring fabric take on a new life with some stains and aging,very inspiring and gets my creative juices flowing,love it!

What materials have I been using...fabrics,granulated coffee,watercolous,300gsm papers,lace and what ever came to hand,oh yeh and ink,lots of ink....

Tools for the of course,scissors,brushes,concrete,craft knives and printer.

What Im reading this week...Studios and living the creative life.

Influences...Alicia Padron.. she is a wonderful illustrator,I adore her work!

You are the people shaping a better world.
One of the secrets of inner peace is the practice of compassion.
Dali Lama 1935

I have added an animation,its wonderful and well worth watching!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mock Book Covers,Little books and Zines...

One of the things that I love to do is make little books,zines and journals,They are a wonderful way to wile away a weekend and they make great gifts and keepsakes.

I have uploaded a tutorial from a You Tuber,0n making zines so check it out and have a bit of fun.

Influences for me this week have been..... check this blog out,its wonderful,colourful and fun!

Materials Ive been using this week..PVA Glue,acrylic paint,book binder,paper,ink,printer,camera and whatever else I needed.

Books Ive been reading..Women On Top and Improve your essay skills...sad I know but Ive got some coming up for Uni.

What Ive been working on..paper dolls,cloth dolls,book covers,books and zines...

Wisdom for this week...Wisdom is the reward for a life time of listening...when you'd have preferred to talk. D.J.Kaufman.

See you next time xox

Monday, January 4, 2010

Painting and designing...

So what have I been doing,well painting and designing,Ive added some new dolls to my Etsy shop,will soon be adding more stuff there,but for now its just getting a new face lift.

I have been designing new dolls and working in my books as well as working in photoshop which is a big love of mine.

Whos been influencing my art these days well so many people...ever heard of Crank Bunny,she is is awesome,her work is check out her blog at.... its well worth it.....also you might like to visit...Wilson Swain..another awesome artist...

So what materials have I been using..acrylic paint of course,water colors,ink,lots of ink,markers,glue,so so so much glue,cardboard,book pages,camera and what ever else has been needed.

What Ive been painting..weird little wooden dolls...

Books Ive been reading..,none but have been reading Juxtupose mags and Art Scene mags..

Words of wisdom..The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose..Richard Leider

So what have I got for you today as far as inspiration goes..well just have a look...



tiny teeny portrait

tiny teeny portrait
watercolour miniature

something about Mary

something about Mary
just one of many..

leonardos lady

leonardos lady



sweet cakes and roses

sweet cakes and roses
yum yums

yet another Mary

yet another Mary

my id

my id