Saturday, December 26, 2009

New stuff going on!

What Ive been and doll making as usual.

What Ive been using..Canon SLR ..photoshop...acrylic paints and props...

What Ive been reading...nothing really,been too is Christmas after all.

Blogs Ive been visiting...barco de paper by julianabollini very cool stuff there so check it out...and Pikaland:The Illustrated Life also very cool so check it out as well...

What ive been watching...very cool must see!

Catch you all soon,be creative!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Latest art work is Snarl a watercolour and ink painting.

Whats Ive been into .. animation, photography and design.

Who's been my inspiration...

Materials Ive been using...acrylic paint...watercolour paint(windsor and newton)..Arches watercolour paper 300gsm...textured paste...zutter book binder and brother sewing machine.

Books Ive been reading...More making books by hand and Pockets and pull out..

Cool ways with paint and cloth check it out....

Quote....So many languages in the world and a smile speaks them all!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

I wish I were a Lady Bug....

Busy Busy Busy....

Its been a hectic time,lots of crafting and art work being done but not too much finished,so I will be working like a crazy thing over the coming weeks to get things done for Christmas.

Summer has arrived early and with it the heat ,which sucks for me since I cant handle bright days or heat,so I guess most of my art will be done in the evenings from now on,what a drag,I'm in mourning for my sweet, beloved winter!

Ive been up in Goolagong this week and was very inspired by the colours that I saw there,all the rich greens, bright yellows and the waves of purple were all so beautiful,it was so nice to wake up to the sweet smell of the bush and the fresh clean air,still I couldn't live there,its way to hot and isolated,its nice to be home again.

Well now lets get down to some serious art stuff,I've been visiting different blogs in my never ending quest for growth and artistic nourishment and I found a wonderful site for animators and those who love animation to visit and feed on,its just crammed with animation works for every the following....

For those who love to draw and illustrate you might like to visit the illustration blog over at...

I have realized that I need to make more time for drawing,its not something that I have been keeping up with lately,I need to dust off the mole skin and get out side to draw like I used to,I still do basic design drawing and pattern drawing and drawing for art works but as for drawing for the sake of drawing that's where I'm slack,so maybe tomorrow Ill get out and do some life sketching.
I recommend that every creative keep a mole skin or five,they are awesome things to keep on you,you can catch so much with them and fine hone your drawing skills while you are at it,so if you don't have one,go get one!

I will be listing a few things into my Etsy shop tomorrow,I'm slowly sorting it out,takes time though and hopefully I will have it up and running seriously by Christmas,so pop in and check it out when you get time,please..xox

Ok well I'm off to my other blog clothnpaint to update so be cool and creative untill next I see you..xxxx
Favey Artist this week...Sandi Mastroni..a must see..
Favey Tool...Embossing tool,its good for so many things other that embossing...
Favey Colour...Yellow
What I'm reading....Phototshop for dummies...
Favey Blog.....Story Culture
Favey Quote....The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Richard Leider.

Ps for some seriously cool art check out the following movie,you wont be disappointed

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Etsy store!

Ive been working on my Etsy store,trying to add more categories and getting more serious with it all.

I have added some of my favey dolls there and soon to add a few new paintings,I need to learn to promote it better and to a lot a certain amount of time per week for it.

I have been working on a few watercolors and dolls as always but mainly my book is on my mind these days so I have been creating the characters for the illustrations and have chosen to follow a certain style of illustration for this and of course it is the harder option that I have chosen,typical of me,never can manage the easy way of things.

I have also made a huge decision to follow my heart and go back to full time study next year and complete my degree in art this time in the graphic side of things,so big breath here I go again,yipee.

Favey tool this week...paint brush
Favey book...Love honor and betray..what a giggle...
Favey artist..
Favey color..Pink...
Quote of the week..Change your thoughts and you change your world..Norman Vincent Peale.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working my Estsy store...

I have been working like mad to get products ready to sell on my Etsy store,I have decided to get very serious about it by the end of November and all going well I will have a viable store by mid next year..

I have been working on art works,dolls,lots of new designs,tee shirts,toys etc etc..I cant wait to getr it all done,its taking forever...

I still have got the tutorials up and running but that should be done by the end of October all going well,the kids sport season is almost over which will leave my weekends free for more blogging keeps your eyes out for the new blog..

Favey tool of the dremel..

Favey book...Ronald Searls..The Big Fat Cat Book..

Favey Artist this week...Ronald Searl..

Favey colour this week...lime green

Favey quote this week...Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair but manifestations of strength and resolution...Gibran Kahil

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi everyone
its been a while since I posted here,slack me!

well Ive been a busy girl,creating like crazy and wouldn't have it any other way,Ive been doing a lot of watercolors and dolls,some boxes and pretty things which I will share in the coming weeks.
I really wanted to let you all know that I will be posting some tutorials on my doll blog,and soon i will be posting a new blog just for tutorials and crafting tips and hopefully you will all join in and add some as well, so keep an eye open for these things that will coming soon.

I will be off line for about a week or so and after that I will add the tutorials and start the crafting blog, you will find two tutorials on my blog clothnpaint,if you feel like visiting pop over have a peek!

Well its getting late so I'm off to some things before bed,so take care and keep creating...xxxx

Favey tool this week is.... my Brother sewing machine..

Favey book...Women on top...

Favey artist this week...Pro Hart...

Favey quote..Do not follow where the path leads.Rather go where there is no path,and leave a trail...David Perkins..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A time to rest,A time to play...

Well its been a very strange week,Ive seen some disturbing things,some funny things,some heart warming things and all have influenced my creativity and my faith,its made me rethink a lot of things and I plan to bring a lot more emotion into my major art works and to make lots of pretty things to cheer me and others up!

I have been painting quite a bit,mainly watercolors for my Etsy Shop,just little bits that wont cost the earth to ship,I plan to do some crafting this weekend and of course finish up some dolls to put up on Etsy.

I also plan to get my dolls ready for the swaps and challenges at Nancyes art dolls and Art Doll Only,these are great groups to be a part of and the ladies there are so talented and encouraging,so if you are into dolls pop over and join us there.

Today I ventured around all the shops and scored some wonderful finds,I founds some cherub heads to use as box toppers and some pretty little dancers as well to use as box toppers,cant wait to use them,first I will give the cherubs some color!

I also manged to purchase a few thousand flowers to use on my craft works which I will post here when I'm done and I will be doing some tutorials in the near future on a linking blog.

Well enough for the night,its about 1.30 am here and I'm getting drowsy,so Ill finish up on this post for now...

Favey tool this week...Dip pen and Indian ink..

Favey book...Simply Soldered..

Favey color....pastel pink and blue with white dots,is that a color?

Favey saying....For me painting and creativity are akin to losing all consciousness of the world a round me,I float in and out of reality all day long...Kim Feint.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh my..more boxes!

Well its now 2.20 am and for some very strange reason I'm at my pc doing the blog thing,go figure.
Anyway I have quite productive despite not feeling to good,I am sad to say that once again boxes have managed to make and appearance in my creativity,I just cant resist them,I'm working on 10 at them moment,I don't know why I do it,I must have about a hundred or so scattered around my home and studios.

I have been journaling as usual and enjoying it muchly,also my large art works are now hanging in a new design gallery which is nice as it gives me more space in the bigger studio,so I can work big again,yipee!

I purchased a great glue gun today,it is big and works like a dream,also picked up some cool sculpting tools as well as some pretty nice paint brushes,I never do have enough,I use different ones for each medium so I need lots of brushes.
I also restocked my paints,I needed more for the inside studio,I purchased large bunches of fabric flowers and pulled them apart to make some sparkly flowers for my dolls,also found some scrummy beads for my crafting and glass dangles,this has been a week of stocking up,working,creating,designing and learning,a good week really,if only I didn't have this pain to manage,well it wil lebb to a manageable degree soon,it always does.

Favey new big hot glue gun..

Favey colour this week is...antique white..

Favey book is...Cloth Doll Couture by Patti Madaris Culea

Favey mag this week is..Studios..

Saying for the week is....In your heart keep one still quiet spot where dreams may go and be sheltered so they may thrive and grow.
Louise Driscoll.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I am considering teaching a couple of times a week,probably teaching visual journaling or something like that,maybe doll making,we will see,I have quite a few people wanting me to teach them so it could be a big possibility.

I have been pretty active in the studio lately which is why I haven't blogged or done much on line,I haven't had time,also Ive been journaling a lot,prepping some journals for teaching,so I guess I made an unconscious choice already,mmmm that just tweaked.

Also I have been doing soldering,making boxes,dolls,illustrated one of a kind books and heaps more.

The painting in this entry is painted into one of my ideas journals,this will probably end up as a larger more detailed painting,this one was done using indian ink,dip pen,watercolors,rub ons and color pencils,

Best tools for the pens and indian ink

Favey product .... arches rough watercolour paper..

Favey book... cloth paper scissors..

Favey colour this week is...dusky pink

favey quote this week is...Tolerance is seeing certain things with your heart instead of your eyes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The box

I have been doing watercolours lately,nothing to serious,just relaxing and journling,Ive finished some little hand made books and just reflected about the way my life is going.

I have decided to add an entry from a blog I have at myspace and it goes as follows....

The thought for the day is....The box of life,mm strange I hear you say and it is indeed a strange concept but bare with me...a while ago I made a little box,it is just a cardboard box with sting and stuff stuck to it,it isnt very pretty or special but it does have words written on it,they say this...Life is like a box,there is only so much that you can fit into it...What will you fill your box of life with....Will your box of life be filled with the foul stench of rotten things...Will your box of life be clean and orderly or full of surprises...Will your box of life be filled with the aroma of spices and nature..Ask yourself..what will you fill your box of life with...
I took the lid of this little box and filled it with colourful things,bright and happy things,why..well to remind me to make the most of the life I have been given,to enjoy all its wonders and wonderful people and things,to look around and to appreciate all that I have and be gratefull that I have been given a life to live..

So why dont you make a little box and fill it with the things that inspire you to live fully and well,it may just be a feather,a stone,a piece of paper with a single word on it,whatever just do it and keep in sight,it may just surprise you at how often it reminds you to live a better life.

Tool of the week is...inktense watercolor pencils
Favey color this week...mmm I think green
Favey book this week is...what women want

Hint of the week is...keep a visual journal,fill it with your heart and soul,return to it every day and put your energy there for you to use another day,let it all loose there and let it be your place of release and refuge,make it dark,make it colorful,make it sad,make it joyful,make it naughty but make it you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mole skins and watercolors!!!!!!!!!

Well it is my birthday today,not something I like to think about much but I did receive some pretty awesome gifts from my loved ones,so that made up for all the used years that Ive spent so far.

I am now the proud owner of the most wonderful watercolor moleskin visual journal thanx to my my lovely big sweet son,it is just amazing and I cant wait to fill its beautiful pages with all the things that I love,I will use ink,watercolor,colored pencils,coffee stains,photos and what ever I can muster up to express myself,how exciting!!!

I also was given a 72 pencil box of Inktense watercolor pencils,these pencils are awesome,Ive been using them now for quite a while,they are very vibrant and are just magic to work with,If you are a journaler or painter and you havent used these pencils then you need to give them a try,they are fantastic.

My brother gave me some Cotamn pan watercolors to keep in my bag along with a pocket sized notebook journal and some postcard watercolor paper,I really appreciated these as my travel pack needed topping up pretty badly,so I am ready to paint where ever I am.

My hubby purchased two books for me,the Decorated Journal by Gwen Diehn and Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander,they are just two awesome and inspiring books to own and I love that he gave them to me,they are just beautiful and filled with such inspiration and eye candy so if you don't have them in your personal library then you must get them for yourself..

I have been journaling quite a bit lately,not actually doing to much professional work as Ive been in hospital and have been concentrating on recovering from the surgery but I'm well again and will get ready for the seaside festival next month,wooohooo I love this event...

I have made some pretty little boxes to sell on Etsy and some tiny ring boxes as well,they are awesome,I love the ring boxes best of all,wood,sand and little faces,so cute and strange.

Well I have much to do and lots to update so until next time be happy,kind and brave!

Favey color this week ..and green.
Favey artist this week is ... Borrimini bear you can see her awesome sketch books at flickr.. be sure to check out her work it is so see her work follow the link at the side that says here is Borromini bear!
Favey book is... The Decorated Journal by Gwen Diehn
Favey art tool this week is... my new visual journal...

Favey quote this week is ...The mark of a man is how he treats a man that is of no possible use to him.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visual Journaling!

Well its been a couple of weeks since my last blog,I have been in hospital and out again,I had taken up residence on the couch while I recovered and rather than moan and groan and I did moan and groan a bit,I decided to journal.

I set up our rather large coffee table with paints,inks,pens,color pencils, journals and went for it,I would do a couple of pages and lay down,rest and get back up to do more,it worked out well and I managed to do a great many designs for future art works,so I am actually quite impressed with my motivation considering I was in quite a bit of pain in the first four days but I am now recovering rapidly and cant wait to hit he studio and get cracking on some dolls and canvases.

I purchased some new journals,I have so many already but I wanted to have a journal for future art designs,a journal for day to day reflection,a journal for my doll designs as my others are filling up again and a journal for what I see around me,the trouble is that I have too many and space is running out but I can live with that.

My favey tools for journaling are watercolors in a pan,watercolor pencils,indian ink and nib pen,gel pens,,stamps,various sized ink liner pens and colored pencils,I use different sized journals and prefer the spiral bound ones as you can lay them flat while you work,Windsor and newton spiral journals a re great and cost effective as well.

I find that journaling is a great way to losen up,you dont have to be too precise or detailed,you needn't be perfect,you just get it all down quickly and loosely so that you have a concept to work from later,I so recommend journaling every day to stay loose and honest in your work,jouranls are also great reference books to go back over later for ideas and such,I use mine all the time.

If you get chance pop over to Flickr and check out the moleskin groups,you will be inspired in a mighty way I promise!

Also check out a incredible artist Len Cowgill his work will truly inspire you!
You will find Lens link at the side of my blog with some of my favey people..

Favey color this week is...argghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favey art tool this week is..gel pens and markers..great for journals.

Favey book is Altered books,collaborative journals,and other adventures in book making by Holly Harrison.

Favey quote this week is..they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. by Carl W Buechner

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A time to play!!!!

Well at last my holidays are here and Ill be free to work for three weeks uninterrupted in my studio,oooh Im so happy!

I been browsing through my journals and sketch books for some ideas for art work and dolls and Im totally inspired and ready to roll.

I plan to have my Esty shop stocked up by the end of the month,work my books to the editing stage and make heaps of dolls and miniature paintings.

I also want to sell some dolls on Ebay as well as some art work but the fees area killer,so I will think that over.

I will be doing a lot of soldering as well,using glass and paintings for the images and turn them into hangers,also I will be firing up the kiln and do some pendants as well as some enameling,its so exciting,I plan to have a very productive three weeks......

Favey tools for the week are my sculpting tools..
Favey artist for this week is Tricia Anders
Favey color this week is pink

paint ur dreams in bright colors and bold stripes…

where ever you go, go with all your heart - Confucius

Monday, January 26, 2009

From the studio...

Its been an interesting week,creatively speaking,I have been painting,soldering and doll making with a lot of success...

I have learned to solder and am making tiny little watercolours encased in glass and solder,they look so cute,I love them and plan to make heaps of them,I'm hooked on the ol solder!!!!

I have also just been enjoying painting again with all my paints and brushes,its been a treat to sit in the studio and just let it flow,so I'm looking forward to the three weeks I'm taking off,hopefully I will be very productive..

Favey colours this week is...Green and pink
Favey tools are..soldering iron and stencil cutter

Lindsay Anderson: Art Quotes
Art is an experience, not the formulation of a problem.

Louise Nevelson: Art Quotes
Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ive had an awesome weekend,I managed to do lots of work in the studio and on line,so I am feeling some what satisfied at the moment.

I am currently working an a large number of projects to get my Etsy store up and functioning and hopefully start to see some sales.

I need to have a good variety of work in the store I think ,so I am working like mad to get it done and uploaded.

Also I'm working like a crazy woman on my books,they are dragging on and on,the illustration part is the killer at the moment and then I need to have them edited for sending off to a publisher,so it will be a while yet I guess.

I am on holidays from my day job in two weeks so I will do a lot more during my time off,I'm really really looking forward to that,three weeks in the studio,what an awesome thought,cant wait!!!!!!

Favey color this week is green.....
Favey tool this week is my soldering set..
Favey magazine this week is Studios..
Favey sites this week is Flickr and Deviantart..
Favey artist this week is Sarah Zambiasi..

"Hope is a thing with feathers
That perches in the soul:
And sings the tune without words
And never stops at all."
Emily Dickinson 1830 - 1886

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A creative week at last!

I'm finally out of the slump and working again,I feel inspired and ready to rip at last.
I have met some great artists online and have been greatly encouraged to keep going,its been a rough few weeks to say the least but things are looking up in the creative way.

I have sorted out the big studio and am ready to roll with a more productive year ahead,I parted with my beloved kick wheel this week which gives me more room to work,it was hard to let it go but I did and am focusing on more glass work,enameling and smaller clay work.

I divided my studio into three spaces,one for the jewelry work with glass,clay and metal,one space for sewing, doll making and other crafty work and the other for painting,by doing this I hope to be more organized and work more efficiently.

I also hope to start teaching this year and finally get published,but most of all I just want to create and work steadily all year through and be inspired by creative people.

I was given a new soldering kit for Christmas ,I just need some copper foil and I'm away,the kit has a cool little iron in it for wax work so I am pretty excited about that.

Also I received a new video camera so Ill be able to do the youtube thing,cant wait to do that, I just have to figure out the editing soft ware,I will be trying to get my web site up and running and start a blog of tutorials as well,so I have big plans for the year ahead,lets hope I can get it all done.

Tips of the day...join flickr,meet new artists and s=check out their studios,talk to them and be inspired and encouraged!

Favey colour this week is green..
Favey tool this week is sanding block..
Favey artist this week in Danita see her link on my faveys..

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.
Henry Ward Beecher.



tiny teeny portrait

tiny teeny portrait
watercolour miniature

something about Mary

something about Mary
just one of many..

leonardos lady

leonardos lady



sweet cakes and roses

sweet cakes and roses
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yet another Mary

yet another Mary

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my id